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Ulf Kjellberg

If I ever should consider to move the other way again, I sure know which transporter to get in touch with, you guys rock in this area.

Sophie,  tour guide in wellbeing, from UK

“Gatis is a very polite and charming man. And an extremely patient driver. Our timing was not always perfect, his always was! He even volunteered to drive back along our route and take some photographs for me of sanatoriums in Jurmala, because we did not have time to stop. He later emailed them. This is ‘service-in-style-with-a-smile’. I am  most grateful to and impressed by Gatis.”

Sandra, works in the financial sector in Sweden.

As an individual I collaborate with VEDAM.LV in transfering belongings from Latvia to Sweden and back.
The company is small so the decision was relatively risky because valuables had to be transported. From the first communication we created confidence and later on boys with their work showed that it was worth it. I would say that the attitude and care is the key to their work because all the details were taken into account so that belongings were transported accurately and undamaged, the time was planned in order not to have delays and to be precise, and communication was very professional and polite (the boys worked with their partners here in Sweden and communicated in English). VEDAM.LV did more and better than I had expected. Metaphorically - the aftertaste is good and I would like to return. Thank you for that! They do have my contact details and if any potential client would like to hear direct feedback - welcome!

Simone Stibbe, SKALD publishing house, Norway

February 2015, we went on a study trip and Gatis was our driver: always on time, good and safe driver, and the car was in good condition. He is a very nice and trusted person, and even sent us the book we forgot in the car.
If you need to get around in the Baltic area, I'd highly recommend to go with him.

Advertising Agency OVAL

„We have been cooperating with VEDAM.LV for several years. We become acquainted with the company when they provided a transfer for a foreign music band. In that situation quality service, prestigious vehicle , comfort, safety likewise high – level personnel with knowledge of English were of crucial importance.

All these requirements were fulfilled. After having such experience we have cooperated with VEDAM.LV on many other projects transporting from 5 to 200 people. Each time we see that we made the right choice because the level of attitude and job quality has always been high. 

Additionally, it is very important to be flexible in our industry , to have the ability to adapt to any situation, therefore it seems that VEDAM.LV can manage everything on the highest level.”

Flower shop Liepziedi ir our partner for already... WOW!... how many years :) since 2006!

Service quality is excellent, staffs attitude is perfect - we have a great pleasure to cooperate and recommend to others. It seems, that there is no thing, box, sack, bag or any other shaped and content in objects, for which there would not be possible to find a safe delivery solution. :)

Lauma Brežģe, "VFS Films"

When TV project (TV Smartgame "Ciemos") appears on the horizon, with complex logistics, with many involved and covering all corners of the Latvia in very short time, one of the biggest challenges is transportation. Luckily we had the opportunity to work with VEDAM.LV, because, what at the beginning seemed to be impossible, turned out doable, thanks to Gatis and his team. Despite the eternal rush and unpredictability, which is integral part of any filming, Gatis with his composure are always ready to react quickly and off the best solution, immersing our balking and helping in any situation. Professionalism, experience and responsiveness are what describes VEDAM.LV

Simona Poga, producer. "FreshStep Productions"

We are glad that we had a good cooperation with team, they were important partners in creation of movie "Spoguļvīrs". ensured that filming crew could get to work in early mornings and home in late evenings, they helped us to get warm in cold weather and helped us to carry heavy wear. Excellent service, good prices and fantastic communication.

Ralph Quinke, producer SPIEGEL TV, Hamburg, Germany

In November 2014 we worked on a shooting for Spiegel TV several days in
Riga. Gatis was not only our Driver, he also helped us with
translations and the organisation of several places and people to
shoot. In every sense Gatis' work was simply perfect. He's a great and
safe driver, the car was in very good condition, at any meeting he was
ready ahead of time, he made things possible that seemed to be
impossible - and besides all he's a very nice guy. If I ever have to
work again in Riga, I would like to do it with Gatis and VEDAM.LV

Gerrit Joens-Anders, Director, Spiegel TV, Germany

We made a tv-documentary in June (2014) and Gatis was our driver. We had great fun. He is a nice, funny guy AND an excellent driver. Besides when we had logistic problems - he quickly came up with a reasonable solution. Great job. I would definetly book him again.
Gerrit JA

Vilnis Vikmanis, SIA McAbols poligrāfija – member of the board

We have been using since the end of 2012. Very responsive and fast guys. In terms of delivery are flexible and comply with the desires of our customers. Gatis along with his drivers has never let us down. Everything is always spot on and in style. I would recommend Gatis and to everyone as a reliable partner!

Agne Skane offer undoubtedly the best transportation service and drivers across Latvia. I am yet to move my furniture, but most probably they will drive it around wearing a white shirt and treat them with same care as ourselves – cinema people. Always kind, will lean in and get it done, no matter how tired they are. They don’t mind our ranting and latency, unexpected needs and desires, they handle your luggage and help you get in and out – this is what they are like. If the transportation is dealt with by Gatis and his people, then you can forget about worrying at all. No other service seems acceptable after you have used them, even taxis seem to have no order at all. I genuinely recommend them to everyone, but be kind J


Ieva Mikijansa, Marketing project manager at Nordea

We use the services of on regular basis and have been very satisfied. The quality of service, reasonable price, availability and flexibility in terms of our needs are what defines the team at We have both used them for transportation of inventory for event purposes as well as entrusted them with transportation of other important things. Even if travelling from A to B does not seem like anything special, however, in situations where it is the missing link, the availability and service makes all the difference.


Advertising agency St. Brother Brand Agency

In our line of work, tiny details are of utmost importance – any large and creative project consists thereof. During our long-term business relationship, which started in 2008 with a seemingly random encounter and continues up until today, has proved itself to be a reliable partner. They solve non-standard situations with ease and in situation, it is what clears any doubt for us when we are in need of transportation services yet again for the 6th year around.


Martins Refbergs, SIA MaRo PRO – manager

We have been using for a number of years and not once have we been dissatisfied with the service rendered. They always come in time, our products are quickly loaded in with care and delivered to our customers at the designated address. As our experience shows we do not have to worry that the items will be delivered at the right place and in the right time. It feels as if you are sending your own employee to the customer. They will always call back and let us know when the items are delivered as well as the delivery documents are always in order and finally – our customer is happy, because the driver has been helpful, tidy and not in a hurry. Thank you and keep up the good work.


Producer Inga Liepina – Inga Production

The principal task of the Producer is a quality work and a happy customer. Gatis and his team are among the cornerstones of quality. Always up to the task. Professionally punctual, tolerant, intelligent, able to solve any unexpected situation unseeingly. Very positive people – exactly as I would like to have them in my team. Thank you, Gatis.